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Well life is full of ups and downs and that is what makes our life interesting and so much exiting but suddenly if some unexpected things happen to your life that will really set you back. So here comes general insurance which is also known as non-life insurance is a kind of policy which includes automobiles and homeowners policies and provides payments which depends on the losses from any particular financial event.

Basically, it helps us to protect ourselves and the things we give value, for example our cars, homes and other different valuables, from any kind of financial impact may be big or small- and also from disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, tsunami and storm to car accident, theft or robbery. And it also protects us from any legal action against us.
You can choose any kind of policy depending upon from what kind of risk you want to defend yourself including the features you need. Various different policies have different kind of terms and conditions. Some insurance policies take their payments in monthly basis and some takes annually. Some of the most popular insurance policies which people mostly take are:
Personal Accidental Insurance: Personal Accidental Insurance or PA insurance is basically an annual policy which will provide money for events of injuries, death or any disability occurred from any violent accidental, external or visible events. This insurance policy and containing terms and conditions are different from life insurance and medical or health insurance.
Health Insurance: Health insurance is a kind of insurance policy which covers the medical and surgical expenses of the insured individual. There are different kinds of health insurance policies in some policies insured individual pays the costing from their pocket and then afterwards gets the refund and in the other kind of policy the insured individual make the payment to the provider directly. In basic health insurance terminology the insured person is the person having health insurance coverage and provider is the client.
Household Insurance: Household insurance which is also known as house owner’s insurance is basically is a type of property insurance which covers the damages and losses of the insured person’s house to all the assists in his or her home. This policy also covers the home, the property or any other liabilities from any accident.
Shopkeepers Insurance: Shopkeepers Insurance is a kind of policy which is specially designed for small or medium-sized shop owners to defend their shops from any kind of risks. Basically it provides protection to the property of the insured shopkeeper in their business.
Fire Insurance: Fire insurance is basically a kind of insurance which provides cover to the damage or losses caused with fire. Therefore it provides the cost of the replacement, rapier and reconstruction to the house owner.
Marine Insurance: This is a kind of insurance which basically covers the losses or damage of ships, cargoes and terminals or any other kind of transport in seas and pays the replacement cost.
Professional Indemnity: This is a kind of insurance policy which covers the legal costs and expenses as well as any damages and costs that may be awarded.