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General Insurance Agents in Hyderabad.
Insurance is a risk management technique between the insurer and the insured whereby the insurer undertakes to pay the insured a fixed amount, in exchange for a fixed sum (premium),

on the happening of a certain event(like a certain age or on death), or compensate the actual loss when it takes place, due to risk insured.

1. Protection from financial loss
2. Risk management
3. Unexpected Things                                        

Types of general insurance
1. Fire insurance
Fire insurance is always taken for the property, in case property was to damaged by the fire.

The person will get compensation from the insurance company.
There are many policies in fire insurance, some of them area.

Specific policy: In specific policy, a specific asset insured that is very common in case of a museum where the artifacts placed which extremely valuable.
b. Mixed policy: Mixed policies cover a variety of risks, it could cover life also in case of Fire Accident.
c. Floating policy: it is a type of policy where a person consider various properties across the country, then the person will take up fire insurance not just on one property but on multiple properties.

2. Motor insurance
It is an insurance plan that protects your losses due to accidents, fire, and theft.

There are three types of motor insurance.

a. Third party: insurance company will pay for the damages that you caused to the third party during an accident.
b. A Third party, fire & theft: in this company provide insurance against third party claims and damage/loss to own vehicle due to fire or theft.
c. Mixed cover: as the name suggests it cover all losses Mixed

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i.e. damage to the third party, loss due to fire and theft and damage to own vehicle due to the accident.

Motor insurance is compulsory in India according to Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
3. Marine insurance
Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals by which property transferred or held between the points of origin & final destinations.

a. Voyage policy: based on a particular amount of distance, for specific nautical miles
b. Time policy: the number of days for the ship to reach its destination and the insurance policy can valid for that number of days.
4. Personal accidental insurance
Personal accident insurance covers types of policies like Personal accident and life cover as well,

some policies even cover accidents due to terrorism, and accident insurance excludes suicide, self-injury and force operations.
5. Travel insurance
Travel insurance covers you from losses arises from sudden and unknowingly if something happens while traveling,

such as the need for medical help in another Area or in Abroad, including the cost of hospital stays, doctor’s fees, lab tests, and ambulance services.
6. Disable insurance:-
Disable insurance replaces a portion of your income if you’re sick or injured and unable to work this is important because your most valuable asset isn’t your home,

car or other valuables will allow you to pay for those things your ability to earn an income.

7.House Hold Insurance : In this policy we Insure for all Household articles and Consumer Goods.

8.Shopkeepers Insurance: This policy protect from Theft & Burglary to Shop owners.

Finally we Insure Even for Sky Rockets,Missiles and Satellites etc…

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