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Health Insurance Agents in Hyderabad,Health insurance is an insurance product which covers medical and surgical expenses of an insured for Single Person.

It reimburses the expenses incurred due to illness or injury or pays the care provider of the insured for Single Person Only directly.

Need for Health Insurance

Medicare or medical costs

For a Single who hasn’t saved much money, arranging for funds at the eleventh hour can be a task.

This is majorly daunting for seniors, given that most ailments strike at an advanced age.

One way to provide for health-related to medical emergencies is by taking health insurance.

Health insurance offers to consider flexibile in terms of disease/ailment coverage.

For instance, certain health insurance plans cover as many as 30 critical illnesses and over 80 surgical procedures.

The insurance plan disburses the payment towards surgery/illness regardless of actual medical expenses. The policy

continues even after benefit payment on selected illnesses.

With health insurance, you have to assure for a more secure both health-wise and money-wise.

This makes health insurance critical for Singles, especially if they are responsible for the financial well-being of the family.

Health Insurance plans in Hyderabad India

a)Single Health Plan: Single health insurance covers a single person, it is usually a person

who is paying the premium.

Under this, the chosen sum insured covers only one insured in this plan against various disease and illnesses.

b.Family Health Plan: Under this Health Insurance Policy a fixed sum insured is available for any or all the members

insured for one or more claims during the tenure of the policy.

A family may include for the single person, spouse, dependent children.

c.Senior Citizens Health Insurance: This plan designed for especially any one policy with age

above 60, At least 70% of the cost for pre-insurance medical examiner will be reimburse where the risk accepted by the insurer.

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d.Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance: It is usually Brought as an alone Policy or a rider for the treatment of various critical illnesses,

such as kidney failure, Paralysis,Cancer, Heart Attack.

Because the treatment for such illnesses is expensive, the reimbursement is also very high.

A Critical illness is a serious, possible Terminal disease, Strictly defined by the Provider.

Most Critical illness policies provide a lump- sum benefit if the insured is Examine with one are a number of specified terminal conditions.

e.Maternity Health Insurance: The Insurance cover  Motherhood called as Maternity Insurance.

Under Maternity Health Insurance Majorly various Things covered

like Pre Care & Post Care hospital  Expense, Delivery including Pre and Postnatal expenses, Hospital Expenses cost,

New born Babys health insurance is also covered in Maternity Health Insurance.

f.Personal Accident Cover: This Policy is a cover for various reasons like Accidental Death, Accidental Disability,

Accidental, Terrorist Attack, and for Monetary daily payment to patients while he undergoes medical treatment at the hospital.

g.Pre-existing Disease Cover: After Taking Health Insurance soon after 2 to 4 years,

Various policies cover under Pre-existing diseases.

This Policy Plan meant for Preexisting diseases for the illness that the Insured had before purchasing the Policy.

h.Preventive Health Care: To under Go Medical Health Checkups in Regular intervals

this Preventive Health Policy is useful.

It is very good to have Preventive Healthcare Policy because day by day Medical & Health Checkup Treatment has become so Expensive.

i.Unit Linked Health Plan: This Policy is a combination of Health and Investment.

Unit-linked Health Insurance plan also contributes in Building a corpus that can use to meet expenditures.

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Health Insurance Agents in Hyderabad

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