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Mediclaim Health Insurance in Hyderabad,Insurance is taken to cover the cost of Medical Care is Called as Health Insurance.Types of Health Insurance plans in Hyderabad India

a. Individual Health  Plan:Individual health insurance covers a single person, it is usually a person who is paying the premium. Under this, the chosen sum insured covers only one individual insured under the plan against various disease and illnesses.

b.Family Health Plan:Under this Health Insurance Policy  a fixed sum insured is available for any or all the members insured for one or more claims during the tenure of the policy. A family may include individual, spouse, dependent children.

c.Senior Citizens Health Insurance :This health insurance plan is designed for particularly any one  policy with age above 60, At least 70% of the cost for pre-insurance medical examination will be reimbursed where the risk is accepted by the insurer.

d.Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance Plans: This is usually Brought as a stand alone Policy or a rider for the treatment of various critical illnesses,such as kidney failure,Paralysis,Cancer,Heart Attack.Because the treatment for such illnesses is expensive,the imbursement is also very high.A Critical illness is a serious,possible Terminal disease,Strictly defined by the Provider.Most Critical illness policies provide a lump- sum benefit if the insured is diagnosed with one are a number of specified terminal conditions.

e.Maternity Health Insurance:

f.Personal Accident Cover:

g.Pre-exisiting Disease Cover:

h.Preventive Health Care:

i.Unit Linked Health Plan:

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