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Under construction : Credit card-A way to go cashless
The credit cards are the convenient way to pay for things. So, instead of carrying around stacks of cash or stopping at the ATM all the time or writing checks out of a checkbook like people used to do. You can carry around the plastic or metal card that has some information on it and when you want to buy something you just need to transmit that information to a merchant then that merchant contacts to the bank in which you have account and the bank pays the merchant and then hopefully in the future you pay the bank back.

So, basically credit card allows you in borrowing some money from the bank to make any purchase you want, weather you want to buy clothes or a flight ticket to USA. After that you have to pay back the money you have borrowed within 25-30 days, but if you couldn’t able to pay within the time limit then you have to pay the money with interest.
Various Types of Credit Cards in India
There are various types of credit cards offered by many banks all over India. These credit cards are separated from each other based on the rewards and the benefits offered by them, the annual income of the card holder and the spend requirements. You can choose any credit card you want, based on your purchases. Below is the list of the various categories of credit cards:
1. Balance transfer Credit Card
2. Gold Credit Card
3. Silver Credit Card
4. Platinum Credit Card
5. Business Credit Card
6. Credit Cards for Women
7. Travel Card
8. Titanium Credit Card
9. Prepaid Credit Card
10. Contactless Credit Card
11. Entertainment Card
12. Auto/Fuel Credit Card
Some of the popular and mostly used credit cards in India with highlighted most common features below:
1. Silver Credit Cards: These silver credit cards are for those who fall under low salary range and also have a working experience of 4 to 5 years. Some of the popular features of this card are that the card having low membership fees, you don’t have to pay any interest for first 6-9 months when you transfer your account balance from one credit provider to another. The credit limit to this card is same as the other cards if your credit history is good.
2. Gold Credit Card: These cards are made for higher income groups of people. People those who are having any type of gold credit cards must have a good credit report. Some of the popular features of this card are that the limit of cash withdrawal is high, the credit limit of this card is also high, and this card also has a feature called add-on card faculty for your family members like parents, children or spouse.
3. Platinum Credit Cards: These are owned by most of the people and are one of the most popular credit cards due to the features, advantages and privileges they offer. The features of the card include lifestyle, shopping and entertainment offers.

Different Bank Cards In India
There are various types of credit cards offered by different banks in India. Each of them has different features, interest rates and rewards. Some of the popular credit cards provided by banks all over India are given in the list below:
1. IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card
2. SBI BMB Platinum Credit Card
3. IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card
4. SBI Advantages Platinum Credit Card
5. ICICI Bank Platinum Card
6. SBI Fold & More Credit Card
7. SBI Advantage Plus Credit Card
8. SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card
9. Bank of India Navy Gold Card
10. HDFC Bank Solitaire- Premium Women’s Credit Card
11. ICICI Bank Coral Card