About Us

SWASTIK FINANCIAL SERVICES believes in providing continuous support to our customers also to clients. Our efforts will be completely provided to manage the loans effectively with the process and service which we provide. Every Indian has a dream of buying a property are taking personal loans, car loans with our help and procedure we would be able to provide the more cost effective plans. SWASTIK FINANCIAL SERVICES work closely with our clients and customers to understand and manage their financial efforts.

SWASTIK LOANS is all about putting people in charge of their own financial planning. We provide a structured system with which our customer and client will be able to manage their financial debts corresponding to their income. We provide our best efforts with effective financial management.

What We Makes Special?

OUR Service provided to our clients and customers are the best entities which we have. Our financial system also gives a good understanding for your financial status. We extend our hands in all ways until you get your property approved with all the legal and financial documents. We also offer competitive rates and terms in this.

Our Communication

We give you a transparent view into your financial status and also the debt that you are acquiring once the loan is approved. (Some deals can be more complicated than others)


We provide you the comfort of completing the process by sitting in your home or offices. If everything is ok we make the process via email, phone and fax.

Best Rates

We are offering competitive and best rates in this business. Yes, it varies from bank to bank.

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